CoLang 2020 Web Series

CoLang 2020 Web Series


The CoLang 2020 team is pleased to present the CoLang 2020 Presents Web Series, a three-day series of curated sessions brought to you in collaboration with the CoLang community. Each day, the CoLang 2020 team hosted presentations and discussions with our colleagues and collaborators, including moderated Q&A sessions with the audience.

Day 1: Workshop Showcase

  • Blurring the Lines
  • Project Planning/Grant Writing
  • Tech Showcase

Day 2: Practica Showcase

  • Apoala Mixtec Practicum
  • Alabama Practicum
  • Miyako Practicum

Day 3: COVID Impacts Special Session

  • Native American Language Support Center
  • Maya Health Alliance
  • COVID-19 Myth Busters
  • Houma Language Project


Submissions from 2020


June 23: CoLang Workshop Showcase, Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, Susan Gehr, Margaret Florey, Susan Penfield, Carolyn O'Meara, Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Sonya Bird, Rae Ann Claxon, and Aaron Broadwell


June 24: CoLang Practica Showcase, Christian Di Canio, Katharine Donelson, Colleen Fitzgerald, Jonelle Battise, Hali Dardar, Yoshi Ono, and Toshi Nakayama


June 25: COVID Impacts Special Session, Rosalyn LaPier, Seunghun Lee, Brent Henderson, Michel Juarez, Karyn Choy, Jean-Luc Pierite, Hali Dardar, Ben Wood, Brittany Jimez, and Colleen Billiot