The Department of Speech, Language, Hearing, and Occupational Sciences at the University of Montana engages with the developmental, treatment, and assessment needs of individuals with disorders in speech, language, swallowing, and hearing. Research and creative scholarship from the faculty of the Department include investigations into early speech and phonology development; hearing acoustics; social communication in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder; intensive rehabilitation with individuals with Aphasia; the perspectives of adolescents with Language Impairment and how to facilitate language and motivation in this population; the best practices for how preschool children learn language for early literacy; interventions to promote swallowing improvement; and how language influences reading and writing success in school-age children with and without Language Impairment, Learning Disability, and Dyslexia.


Submissions from 2015


The impact of dose on naming accuracy with persons with aphasia, Catherine A. Off, Kristie A. Spencer, and Margaret Rogers

Effectiveness and Parent Acceptability of 'Youth Engagement Through Intervention' Social Skills Group for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Zachary Shindorf, Anisa Goforth, Jennifer K. Schoffer Closson, Erin Yosai, Phillip A. Thomas, and Miki J. Anderson

Submissions from 2014

Block Scheduling Social Skills Groups: An Intensive and Inclusive Model, Jennifer K. Schoffer Closson and Anisa Goforth

Submissions from 2008


Repetition Priming and Anomia: An Investigation of Stimulus Dosage, Catherine A. Off

Submissions from 1999


Subcortical Lesions and Language: A Conversational Discourse Analysis, Catherine A. Off