Roy Wenger Interview, October 24, 1987


Roy Wenger


Daniel Hall



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Roy Wenger discusses the origins of the Civilian Public Service [CPS] program which he served under as a smokejumper for the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado and Montana during World War Two. He also describes his career after his smokejumping days and how working for the CPS as a conscientious objector affected him in the workplace and everyday life. Wenger recounts the positive and, at times, negative relationships CPS smokejumpers had with the communities in which they lived. He describes smokejumper camp meetings and how they were structured after Quaker meetings in which decisions were made unanimously after spending time in contemplation and allowing input from all members of the camp.


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Conscientious objectors; Firefighting; Smokejumping; Smokejumping, Missoula, Montana; World War, 1939-1945; Civilian Public Service [CPS]; U.S. Forest Service; Ohio State University; Lewis B. Hershey; Indiana University, Bloomington; Returning veterans; Veterans’ jobs; Hutterian Brethren [Hutterites]; Mennonites; The Religious Society of Friends [Quakers]; Mennonite Central Committee; Earl Cooley; Alice Page; Ralph Hand; Smokejumpers reunions

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Roy Wenger Interview, October 24, 1987