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Spring 2017

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Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies


The central theme carried among my four portfolio pieces is: using scientific and governmental approaches to conserve watershed health. For the purposes of this portfolio, I define watershed health as a very general term that describes the state of water quantity and quality that is available for human and ecosystem needs in a watershed. I see each of my portfolio pieces focusing on a different scale and method (i.e., science or government, including different levels of government, local, state and federal) for conserving watershed health. My first portfolio piece reviews water quality degradation caused by pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) and potential solutions at the municipal level, such as mycoremediation. The second portfolio component addresses water quantity through assessing city-wide water conservation programs. Ultimately, I made several recommendations to Missoula city officials. My third portfolio piece describes my experience working in the field and laboratory for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. This component of my portfolio identifies one of the ways the State of Montana has approached protecting watershed health. My final portfolio piece reflects on my internship with American Rivers, where I investigated how to use Wild and Scenic Rivers designation to protect rivers from select mining activities.


watershed, water resources, wastewater, pharmaceuticals, mycoremediation, water conservation, water quality, mining, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

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Environmental Chemistry | Environmental Health and Protection | Natural Resources and Conservation | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Water Resource Management

Multi-Scaled Approaches for Protecting Montana's Watersheds and Water Resources