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Spring 5-13-2023

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Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies


The central theme throughout my four portfolio pieces is: approaches and tools that can be used to address complex problems involving private land conservation. I consider the broader human and environmental community health to be factors in successful private land conservation. The first portfolio piece examines a number of studies of conservation easements implemented to improve water quality, as well as their utility in avoiding land use conflict. My second portfolio piece is a reflective paper on my experience conducting a stakeholder assessment for the organization OneMontana. The assessment focused on creating a shared understanding of the issues related to land ownership and business transitions on agricultural land in Montana. Appended to this piece is the final report I co-authored for OneMontana on my research. My Third portfolio piece is a final report on a situation assessment I conducted for The Nature Conservancy. The assessment examined a successful floodplain restoration program in Washington State, and through stakeholder interviews created an understanding of local needs to determine feasibility of an analogous program in Montana. My final portfolio piece is a reflective essay comparing my experiences and the different contexts of my work with OneMontana and The Nature Conservancy.


conflict resolution, situation assessments, stakeholder assessments, environmental studies, water conservation, conservation easements, succession planning, floodplain restoration

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Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Studies | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Other Environmental Sciences

Approaches and Tools to Solving Complex Problems in Private Land Conservation