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Spring 5-13-2023

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Portfolio - Campus Access Only


Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies


This portfolio consists of three different explorations of the barriers in climate work and creative solutions to adaptation and mitigation. The first component is an academic piece that is regionally and species specific and seeks to investigate the potential for tribally managed bison herds in the Northern Great Plains to contribute to community climate adaption and resilience. The second component involves gathering feedback and recommendations for an agency plan related to a specific climate impact, the U.S. Forest Service’s Wildfire Crisis Strategy Implementation plan. The third and final component of my portfolio explores climate adaptation and mitigation work being done by landscape conservation initiatives generally throughout the U.S., identifying key barriers and highlighting innovative, collaborative solutions.


climate adaptation, wildfire planing, landscape conservation, bison restoration

Climate Adaptation Across Contexts: Barriers and Creative Solutions in Wildfire Planning, Landscape Conservation, and Species Restoration