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Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

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Three new combinations are proposed. Agoseris carnea Rydb. and A. lackschewitzii Douglass M. Hend. & R.K. Moseley are considered the same entity and have been subsumed into A. aurantiaca (Hook.) Greene as a new infraspecific taxon. Artemisia lindleyana Besser has been treated as a distinct species, but a recent treatment subsumes it into A. ludoviciana Nutt. Similarities between the two entities are undeniable, but morphological and ecological differences lead me to believe that the former is best considered as a subspecies of the latter. Recent transfer of many New World asters into Symphyotrichum requires a new combination for Aster cusickii A. Gray if it is to be recognized as a subspecific taxon in Symphyotrichum foliaceum (Lindl. ex DC.) G.L. Nesom.


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