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Hand spun blue and white silk cloth. Miyazaki prefecture. Same patterning as M80-04, in shades of blue and white. "Aya silk, craft studio, handwoven 100%" Fringe on both ends. Navy Blue colored threading with grey-blue and white stripes. The stripes do not extend all the way through the fabric, but stop before the reach the other side. There is a black cloth patch/ tag on one end that shows a gold spinning wheel. The fringe is the same navy color as the main portion of the cloth.


Cloth, Weaving

Original Medium

Silk (textile)


104 cm x 35.2 cm


Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

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Original Collection

Mike Mansfield Collections, Mss 65, Archives and Special Collections, Mansfield Library, University of Montana

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University of Montana-- Missoula. Mansfield Library

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Image credit: Micaela Connolly, University of Montana

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Cloth, Weaving

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