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Political Cartoon by Jim Berryman titled, "Specialite, M'Sieur... Foreign Aid Stew A La Kennedy"

The cartoon depicts Mike Mansfield as a waitor serving a dish labeled as "$4.3 billion request" with a menu that reads, "Senate 'Beanery Hires French Maitre-D-" to a character labeled as the senate. There is a note to Mike Mansfield from the artist that reads, "My apologies, Mike... this was an awful thing to do to a Montana man!..."


Political Cartoon, Washington Star Newspaper

Original Medium

Ink on paper


14.75 x 14"


United States

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Original Collection

Mike Mansfield Collection, Mss 65, Archives and Special Collections, Mansfield Library, University of Montana.

Holding Repository

University of Montana, Mansfield Library Archives and Special Collections

Digital Publisher

University of Montana--Missoula. Mansfield Library

Image Credit

Image credit: Mark Fritch, University of Montana

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Political Cartoon, Washington Star Newspaper

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