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Metal statue (reproduction) of Takeda Shingen, the feudal lord of Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture. "Statue of 'Takeda Shingen' Daimyo of Kofu 500 years ago, prefecture of Kai (now Yamanashi)" "August 11, 1981 In 1960, they stated to collect money to set up the bronze statue of this historically famous lord. After research and collection of the materials on him, Mr. Torahiko Miyaji, sculptor, with the help of Mr. Isao Morioka, President of picturama and figure company, completed to set up the Lord's bronze statue. The unveiling ceremony was held on April 12, 1969. The statue was set in front of Kofu Station. They had many requests from various fields to have miniature of this statue, so they asked Mr. Kojiro Ito, craft artist to make miniature. The money they obtained by the distribution and sale of these miniatures is used for finding out and maintaining the Lord's remains.


Reproduction, Sculpture, Artwork

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18 cm x 24 cm x 27 cm



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Gifted 1981

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Mike Mansfield Collections, Mss 65, Archives and Special Collections, Mansfield Library, University of Montana

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University of Montana, Mansfield Library Archives and Special Collections

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University of Montana-- Missoula. Mansfield Library

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Image credit: Mark Fritch, University of Montana

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Reproduction, Sculpture, Artwork

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