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Political Cartoon by Ranan Lurie (1932-2022) titled "Future Winners".

Depicts Mike Mansfield in a kimono with stars and stripes and a USA headband holding up Nixon's peace signs while holding the hand of a smaller figure meant to represent Japan.

"To a great diplomat, wise friend and creative ambassador- who showed me the best map ever of Japan! Many Thanks and Sayonara. Yours and Always Ranan (Laurie) Tokyo, March 1st 1984."

Original Medium

Paper and Wood


66.2 cm x 44.9 cm x 2.9 cm



Date Information

May 1, 1984

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Original Collection

Mike Mansfield Collections, Mss 65, Archives and Special Collections, Mansfield Library, University of Montana

Digital Publisher

University of Montana-- Missoula. Mansfield Library

Image Credit

Image credit: Micaela Connolly, University of Montana

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