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Political Cartoon by Ranan Lurie (1932-2022) titled "Future Winners".

Depicts Mike Mansfield in a kimono with stars and stripes and a USA headband holding up Nixon's peace signs while holding the hand of a smaller figure meant to represent Japan.

"To a great diplomat, wise friend and creative ambassador- who showed me the best map ever of Japan! Many Thanks and Sayonara. Yours and Always Ranan (Laurie) Tokyo, March 1st 1984."


Political Cartoon

Original Medium

Paper and Wood


66.2 cm x 44.9 cm x 2.9 cm



Date Information

May 1, 1984

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Original Collection

Mike Mansfield Collections, Mss 65, Archives and Special Collections, Mansfield Library, University of Montana

Holding Repository

University of Montana, Mansfield Library Archives and Special Collections

Digital Publisher

University of Montana-- Missoula. Mansfield Library

Image Credit

Image credit: Micaela Connolly, University of Montana

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Political Cartoon

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