Pierre Charbono Reminiscence, circa 1970s


Pierre Charbono



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In this self-recorded reminiscence, Pierre Charbono describes his experiences working as a sheep herder, farmer, and rancher. He details the process of buying, selling, and training horses, as well as his early work experience. Charbono recalls the town and culture of Lambert, Montana. He tells stories about particular horses and people around town and details some of the hard times he faced on his ranch, including a year when grasshoppers ruined his crops and he was forced to live on horse meat. Charbono also describes his experiences during the 1930s and the effects and hardships that came from drought. He describes the dances he attended when he was younger, how his father refused to let Charbnon marry a certain woman, and his experiences herding sheep. Charbono dicusses the process of lambing and the two occasions where he decided to quit sheep herding. Charbono also recalls the cars he owned, including the Model T he traded his father’s horse for without permission.


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Horse training; Sheep herding, Montana; Ranching, Montana; Depression, 1929-1939; Lambert, Montana; Agriculture; Drought; Life reminiscence; Twentieth century cars; Model-T cars; Personal relationships

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Pierre Charbono Reminiscence, circa 1970s