Juliet Gregory Interview, January 1979


Juliet Gregory


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Juliet Gregory discusses how she got into politics, her initial petition to become a mayoral candidate in Missoula, Montana, being denied, the process she went through to have the petition accepted, and getting her name put on the ballot. She also describes the opposition she faced during her mayoral campaign from Charles Doherty, editor of the Missoula County Times, and the backlash she faced due to prior reform attempts in her community. Gregory discusses her relationship with the Missoula City Council, her efforts to put more women into city positions, and her attempts to weed out corruption in the fire department. She talks about her focus on creating restrictions on prostitution, as well as difficulties she faced as a woman during her time in office. Gregory discusses how she worked with various businesses in Missoula, Montana, such as the Missoula Mercantile, during her time as mayor. She talks about how she made connections with influential people in Missoula and the inspections she sanctioned in town. She recalls the controversy over her administration’s installation of parking meters in downtown Missoula as well as the subsequent lawsuit during which she was forced her to defend in court the use of the meters. Gregory also describes her relationship with the press and her ideas about women working when they have families.


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Mayor’s Office, Missoula, Montana; Mayoral campaign, Missoula, Montana; Missoula County Times; Charles Doherty, Missoula Montana newspaper reporter; Women politicians, Missoula, Montana; Missoula City Council, Montana; Missoula City Fire Department, Montana; Prostitution, Missoula, Montana; Missoula newspapers, Montana; Transportation, Missoula, Montana; Parking, Missoula, Montana; Missoula Mercantile, Montana

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Juliet Gregory Interview, January 1979