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"The work that follows uses the written word to communicate a philo­sophically-engendered vision, such approxi­mation to reflective wisdom as I have been able to develop so far. Now if reflective wisdom is what I have been claiming it to be above, then any communication of it by way of writing is at best an attempt, by way of a linguistic-meaning-bearing proxy, to communicate the author's thoughts and claims by first and fore­most pointing a reader back into such ex­peri­ence in his/her own life and such re­flec­tion upon it as would (so it is hoped) issue in the read­er's discovery of what the author is talking from-and-about so that the reader, understanding what is being claimed, will be in the best position to assess the claims’ truth and join, from out of the way he/she can dwell in our com­mon hu­man­ity, in dialogue over this matter of the problematic of ex­istence. The consideration of it will fall into two parts. Part I will address the emergence within being of today; Part II will address tomorrow and the task of today as re­gards the emergence of ­tomorrow." -- from the Introduction


This work is an unpublished manuscript and the last book written by Associate Professor Richard Gotshalk, who taught Philosophy at the University of Montana during the 1980s and 1990s. Professor Gotshalk died in 2009.

This unpolished final product, made available with the generous permission of Professor Gotshalk's family in 2022, represents the culmination of his lifelong philosophical pursuits.

Chapter 6, the last chapter, includes an introduction by Doris Fischer, written in 2022, that tells the story behind the "completion" of the book in 2009.


Copyright Richard Gotshalk, 2009