Technology as a Barrier and Bridge to Healthy Family Relationships



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This OPENING episode of Season 2 of the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast is positively packed with information and tantalizing tips. TECHNOLOGY and SCREEN TIME is a huge issue for many parents. In this captivating episode, Dr. Sara and Dr. John are talking back to technology; they’re saying, “Hey technology, we’re taking you down! Well, not really. But the episode does include a range of AMAZING insights and tips to help parents understand and deal with the dangers and opportunities of technology and screen time. When you tune in, be sure to listen for:

  • Dr. Sara’s obsession with using contracts to manage her children’s screen-time.
  • A clip from Dr. Dimitri Christakis’s TEDx Ranier talk where he provides a fun critique, partially narrated by Dr. Sara, on Baby Einstein (to watch Dr. Christakis’s full talk, go to:
  • How much a baby’s brain grows from birth to age 2 (can you guess?)
  • Dr. John’s four tips for raising children with healthy brains
  • Dr. Christakis’s three stage theory about how constantly changing screens contribute to children having attention problems.
  • Dr. Sara’s and Dr. John’s thoughts on the appropriate use of technology and screens for families.

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Technology as a Barrier and Bridge to Healthy Family Relationships