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Athletic Team Record "Red Book," 1897-1980


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The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics’ Athletic Team Record, also known as the “Red Book,” was created and maintained by University of Montana coach George P. “Jiggs” Dahlberg. The book provides in-depth information about the University of Montana’s intercollegiate athletes (all male) between 1897 and 1980. Dahlberg drew information from the Missoulian, Kaimin and other sources for seasons prior to his arrival at UM in 1937, and on his own knowledge from 1937 to 1980. He documented the coaches (including student assistants), the players and their statistics (including height, weight, home town, and records), team schedules and stats, and season summaries for football, basketball, golf, swimming, tennis, wrestling and track and field. He commented on athletic policies, noted who won conference awards, who set individual, game and team records, and recorded other “interesting information” (such as that UM received $25,000 for football bleachers in 1937-1938.)


The book has blank pages between 963 and 1407 (these were not scanned), at which point Dahlberg includes information about “special honors” such as UM students who went on to be professional basketball and football players, information about named awards and who won them, and a section for Jack Daniels, the first UM student to represent the United States in the Olympic Games (1956 and 1960 Pentathlon Games.)

The following pages were removed from the book at some point and are therefore not "missing" from the digital files:

  • p. 313-314
  • p. 431-432
  • p. 473-474
  • p. 906-907
  • p. 961-962

This book has been made available as several files rather than as one large file in an effort to make the book easier to download and use.

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Athletic Team Record