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University of Montana Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities

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Disability and Equity in Education | Education


Movin’ On in Montana was a four-day, three-night on-campus experience for high school students with disabilities sponsored by the University of Montana, specifically the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, Disability Services for Students, and Vocational Rehabilitation. The purpose of Movin’ On in Montana was to introduce high school students with disabilities to the college experience with the intent of helping students recognize that college (e.g., university or technical college) is a possibility if they choose to pursue postsecondary education. Further, Movin’ On in Montana provided students with disabilities with critical information regarding resources and supports to increase their likelihood of success should they enroll in college.


education, disability and equity in education, high school students, students with disabilities, rural, disability


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Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services Disability and Employment Transitions Division