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Disability is both a very personal and social issue. In 1999, The World Health Organization (WHO) published their latest revisions to the ICIDH-2. This document includes the latest conceptual developments in understanding the structure and process of disabling conditions. The document highlights that disability outcome occurs within a dynamic system characterized by the impairment itself, environmental and personal factors (World Health Organization, 1999).


health and wellness, secondary conditions, environment, rural, disability


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Centers for Disease Control and Injury Prevention


The authors wish to thank Larry Burt, Joe Smith, and Jack Stubbs of the Disability Prevention Program for their encouragement. We also want to thank the consumers and staff of Summit, Inc., Montana Independent Living Project, Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow, North central Independent Living Center, Whole Person, Inc., Topeka Center for Independent Living Resources, LINK, Inc., Coalition for Independence, Independent Connection, and the New Mexico Department of Health for the privilege of working with them. We also appreciate the help and guidance of our colleagues Kaye Norris, Ph.D. and Leanne Parker, M.A. of the Rural Institute on Disabilities and Glen White, Ph.D., Ken Golden, M.A., and Juan-Carlos Lopez, M.A., of the Department of Human Development and Lifespan Studies at the University of Kansas.

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