The Sociology Program at the University of Montana includes a broad range of topics and issues, while allowing an in-depth focus in three contextual areas: Criminology, Inequality and Social Justice, and Rural and Environmental Change. The research and creative scholarship by the faculty from the Sociology Program brings diverse theoretical perspectives and employs a wide range of methodological strategies, with interests ranging from social issues facing local communities in the Northern Rocky Mountain region to natural questions about the impact of legislation on poverty programs, causes of criminal behavior, global concerns such as climate change, and worldwide structures of inequality.


Submissions from 2009


Formal and Informal Network Coupling and its Relationship to Workplace Attachment, Kathy J. Kuipers

Submissions from 1983


When The Bombs Drop: Reactions to Disconfirmed Prophecy in a Millennial Sect, Robert W. Balch, Gwen Farnsworth, and Sue Wilkins