Kenneth R. M. Short Interview, December 3, 1987


Kenneth R. M. Short Interview, December 3, 1987


Kenneth R. M. Short


Clover Koopman


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Doctor Kenneth R. M. Short discusses U.S. radio propaganda during World War Two. He discusses the Office of War Information, which existed from 1942 to 1943 in the United States, which released propaganda aimed at U.S. citizens’ perception of World War Two and U.S. allies. He discusses the concept of “public opinion,” its manipulation, and radio’s impact due to the large number of listeners. Short assesses Tokyo Rose’s impact as minimal, while analyzing the less-visible effects of propaganda on listeners. He discusses why the Japanese used prisoners of war to distribute their propaganda, and contends that the U.S. could easily have jammed Tokyo Rose’s broadcasts. Short analyzes propagandists in the United States, and discusses the impact of the communist blacklist on Hollywood filmmaking.

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World War, 1939-1945; Ryo, Namikawa; Schaeffer, George; RKO Pictures; Japanese Broadcasting Corporation; Office of War Information; Lasswell, Harold; Gallup; The Kate Smith Show; “The March of Time”; Axis Sally; Gillars, Mildred; Lord Haw Haw; Joyce, William; Thompson, Dorothy; Motion Picture Production Association; House Un-American Activities Committee

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