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Fall 2015


The ORSP grant is able to cover the entirety of costs associated with the recording, mixing, digital and mechanical rights, and release of an album with Duo Nyans (Dr. Christopher Kirkpatrick, clarinet, and Dr. Johan Eriksson, saxophone). The focus of the album is new music for clarinet and saxophone, with a historical range of repertoire from 1993 to 2014. The recorded music includes Mischief (2011) by Perry Goldstein, PitBand (1993) by William Albright, Sa Vada (2010) by Charles Nichols, Ragamuffins (2013) by James Grant, Cose Virtuose (2001) by Bernadine Beggio, 16 September (2014) by Simon Hutchinson, Flea Circus (2010) by Andrew Bishop, and Le Petit Duo (2002) by David De Boor Canfield.


Note that the recordings that were submitted with this report are not included here.


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