UMCUR 2011 Award Winners


Fine Arts: Authenticity and What It Means to Gogol Bordello by Shannon Soderlund (James Randall, mentor)

Humanities: How Things Change: The Story of a Man, His Rabbits, and the Accident That Took It All Away by Jamie Rogers (Carol Van Valkenburg, mentor)

Life Sciences: Evaluation of Three Wildland Firefighter Uniforms During Three Hours of Work in the Heat by Kristina Pattison (Joseph Domitrovich, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Energy Conservation Study of Student Computing Facilities at the University of Montana by Clayton Anderson (Tom Gallagher, mentor)

Social Sciences: Nail Polish and Handguns: The Evolution of Women in Policing by Brook Kolarich (Gary Hawk, mentor)


Fine Arts: 17,000 Bricks by Isaac Iverson and Trevor Muller-Hegel (Mike Monsos, mentor)

Life Sciences: Determining Bighorn Sheep Maternity with Molecular Genetic Techniques: A Potential Tool in the Exploration of Pneumonia Outbreaks by Mariah Childs (Gordon Luikart, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Southward Sediment Transport of the Panther Tongue Paleodelta and Its Causes by Evan Hanson et al. (Marc Hendrix, mentor)

Social Sciences: Sex Determination from the Greater Sciatic Notch: A Morphometric Approach by Amelia Hessey (Ashley McKeown, mentor)

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