UMCUR 2013 Award Winners


Fine Arts: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: Interpreting Beethoven's Sonata No. 17, "The Tempest" by Allyson Carroll (James Randall, mentor)

Humanities: Critical Legal Studies: Challenging Traditional Legal Thought by Emily Cross (Tom Huff, mentor)

Physical Sciences: South America and the Red Planet: Analysis of NASA's Climate Databases to Hypothesize Limits to Global Change on Mars by Abigail Nastan (Johnnie Moore, mentor)

Social Sciences: The Effectiveness of a Letter-Writing Activity on Self-Reported Body Dissatisfaction by Julie Oldfield (Cameo Bortrager, mentor)

Life Sciences: Modeling the RNA-Nucleocapsid Protein Interactions of Rift Valley Fever Virus Using a Combined Bioinformatics/Biochemical Approach by Alec Sundet (Steve Lodmell, mentor)


Life Sciences: The Secret Language of Birds by Sophia Jensen (Erick Greene, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Halogen Bonding by George Neuhaus (Orion Berryman, mentor)

Social Sciences: Effects of pain interference on use of complementary therapy in fibromyalgia by Sandra Skogley (Craig Ravesloot, mentor)

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