UMCUR 2015 Award Winners


Humanities: Butte, America: Poor Practices of the Richest Hill on Earth by Shannon Buswell (Robin Saha, mentor)

Life Sciences: Wolf-Cougar Occupancy Modelling in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada by Ellen Brandell and Robin Steenweg (Mark Hebblewhite, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Retinoic Acid Hydroxylase Inhibitors as a Novel Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease by Isabel Makman (Philippe Diaz, mentor)

Social Sciences: Truth Commissions and Collective Memory in Latin America by Mona Schwartz (Christopher Muste, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): Trigger for Change: Theatre as a Tool for Social Dialogue by Sydoney Blackmore (Randy Bolton, mentor)


Humanities: BSAP: Language and Psychosocial Outcomes for Stroke Survivors by Maggie Colstad et al. (Catherine Off, mentor)

Life Sciences: Motility in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii by Margrethe Boyd (Frank Rosenzweig, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Gait Mechanics Used to Increase Sprint Speed Following a 3D Intervention by Gerald Evenson et al. (Matt Bundle, mentor)

Social Sciences: Investigate Students’ Understanding of the Prime Factorization and Use of Prime Numbers in Regards to the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic by Heather Vallejo and Jordan Frotz (Matt Roscoe, mentor)

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