UMCUR 2016 Award Winners


Humanities: You Better Wise Up, Janet Weiss: Reclaiming the Queerness of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by Dac Cederberg (Katie Kane, mentor)

Humanities: The Human Cost of Failed Diplomacy: The Political Motivations Behind the 1994 United States-led Invasion of Haiti by Sydney Stivers (Jody Pavilack, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Reproductive Output of Pinus albicaulis (whitebark pine) at Alpine Treelines by Jesse Bunker (Cara Nelson, mentor)

Social Sciences: Globalization and Small Farmers in Latin America: Effects and Adaptations by Hope Radford (Steve Siebert, mentor)

Social Sciences: Is Montana’s “24/7 Sobriety Program” Deterring Drunk Drivers? by Jessica Stevens (Derek Kellenberg, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): Improvisation as a Tool for Choreography and Performance by Emily Curtiss (Heidi Jones-Eggert, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): The Mass of Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation: A Study of Unconventional Point of View and Narrative Structures in Contemporary Fiction by Spencer Ruchti (Erin Saldin, mentor)


Life Sciences: Better than Before and Better Together by Ashley Alexander (Frank Rosenzweig, mentor)

Life Sciences: The OAβ1R receptor is required in peripheral neurons to interpret environmental information by Edmond Brewer (Sarah Certel, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Petrology of the Libby Formation and comparison to the Garnet Range and Pilcher Formations of the Belt Supergroup: The case for stratigraphic equivalency by Shiva Arens (Marc Hendrix, mentor)

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