Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI): Reentry Resource Missoula by Grace Dunnehoff, Jazzlyn Johnson, Gwenith Meske, Daniel Parsons, Daisy Ward, Elizabeth Williams, and Marianna Yearboro (Tobin Miller Shearer, mentor)

Humanities: Margaret Van Fleet: Clubwoman, Educator, Suffragist by Rachel Gebhardt (Anya Jabour, mentor)

Life Sciences: Courtship Singing in the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle by Nathan Barton (Doug Emlen, mentor)

Physical Sciences: The Pace of Recovery of Riparian Ecosystem Structure in Restored Reaches of Ninemile Creek by Danielle Novotny, Klemensas Krasaitis, and Eamon Peterson (Ben Colman, mentor)

Social Sciences: Incomplete: The Prevalence and Impacts of Spinal Cord Injuries for Individuals by Reece Brandon (Molly Blair, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): ReCycling in Time by Andrew L. Josten (Bryan Curt Kostors, mentor)


Humanities: The Perception of Intimate Partner Violence in Formal Reporting by Libby Freeman (Alison Pepper, mentor)

Life Sciences: Sex-related Differences in Patellofemoral Joint Stress with Fighting and Approach Load Carriage by Marin Plemmons (Richard Willy, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Understanding Drought: An Investigation Using Principal Component Analysis by Amanda J. Kotila (Marco Maneta, mentor)

Social Sciences: Similarities and Differences between French and Universal Consonant Acquisition by Shafer Higgins and Madison Hinshaw (Amy Glaspey, mentor)

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