Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI): Rethinking Trust, Reconnecting Us - Website and Campaign to Combat Misinformation by Jacob Owens, Connor Dunlap, Ben Broadhead, Reed Lindsey, Colin McLean, Elle Wilgus (Phyllis Ngai, mentor)

Humanities: Differences in Childhood Bullying Experiences and Self-Harm and Suicidality Across Subgroups of Sexual Minorities by Jesse Jewell (Greg Machek, mentor)

Life Sciences: A Comparison of Wildfire Adaptive Traits in Juvenile Conifers of the Northern Rockies by Andie Sonnen (Beth Dodson, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Microseismic Mapping of Aftershock Sequences Following the Lincoln, Montana M 5.8 2017 Earthquake by Reyer M. Fenoff (Hilary Martens, mentor)

Social Sciences: An Analysis of Community and Stakeholder Participation in an Environmental Conflict: The Controversial Proposed Black Butte Copper Project, Smith River Basin by Eliza A. Maleski (Sarah J. Halvorson, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): Who or what holds the power in any given situation? by Hannah Nicole Dusek (Brooklyn Draper, mentor)


Humanities: Cell Phone Usage in Secondary Schools: A Pervasive Post-Pandemic Problem by Donna Arganbright (Kate Brayko, mentor)

Life Sciences: Investigating the Protein-Protein Interactions of RIOK3 During Viral Infection by Hunter L. Grimes, Luke A. White, Thomas C. Bisom (J. Stephen Lodmell, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Contamination from Ski Wax in Western Montana Snowpack by Justin Reid Hotaling (Nancy Hinman, mentor)

Social Sciences: Caregiver Outcomes in the Context of Telehealth and In-Person Applications of an Intensive Comprehension Aphasia Program by Kaelyn D. Kaftan, Laiken N. Harris, Rylee J. Kremer (Jenna Griffin, mentor)

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