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Artist Statement

Color is a tool, which can be used to direct a viewer’s attention in an image. Color acts as a connection to gender in this piece. The figures in this picture are monochromatic. The only color is found in the two speech bubbles and the electrical outlet and plug growing out of the two figures. These colors are pink and blue, and they indicate gender difference. The blue plug feels connected to the blue speech bubble, and the pink outlet feels connected to the pink speech bubble. The isolation of these two gendered colors sets the tone for a gendered image.

The text within the speech bubbles speaks to our society’s differing attitude toward sexuality among males and females. Comfort with one’s own body is an important part of feeling sexually empowered. The speech bubbles imply that society generally embraces male sexuality. A natural and normal part of male adolescence is masturbation. In contradiction to this, female genitalia are generally hidden away or are perhaps thought of in a negative way. Sometimes young females are made to feel ashamed of their sexual urges. This causes females to feel sexually ashamed or uncomfortable. The repression of female sexuality is a form of gender inequality, and one that is worthy or notice.


12" x 20"

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Gouache and ink on paper