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Hannah M. Callahan, UFollow


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Artist Statement

I strive to make art that pointedly addresses a generation’s relationship to its times. Today, fragile natural landscapes all over the globe are being obliterated by clear cutting practices. Will a day come when all living plants are in pots and all the land will be covered with concrete? But isn’t it true, when concrete crumbles it’s plants you find growing among the remains? As much as environmental education is on the rise within America there is no stopping our large population’s demands, causing us to exploit our natural resources now, more than ever. I wanted to convey my concerns regarding the unchecked development happening today with specific regard to the oppression concerning plants. Maybe it’s silly to concern oneself with the oppression of such insignificant organisms but my photographs’ odd composition is reflective of this quirky thought. I created this image using HDR techniques to bring out the subtle details within the plants and emphasize a futuristic look. With the help of Photoshop I was able to place these two awkward plants uncomfortably on a blanket of stark white with a crack of concrete in the space above. The final image is static, yet it carries a fragile tension, reflecting the vulnerability of plants given our current habits.



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