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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Studies

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Bradley Allen


This is an ongoing creative project called “Thought Diagrams,” which intends to give participants, as well as observers, a chance to express their own mind. It is a two part exercise with a visual and written component that is completed by willing participants. Unlike many exercises, which are structured and intend to give the one conducting the research information, this exercise is meant to teach the participants things about themselves. They do this by exploring how they think, not what they think about. By giving only basic requirements the participants are able to take control on the best way to explore this idea. The exercises, once completed, are added to a growing collection of thought diagrams on The participant may decide if they want their name, age, location, and or occupation displayed with their diagram. Participants are encouraged to repeat the exercise, or submit additional explorations. People are invited to look through the growing collection for enjoyment, as well as a change to see similarities and differences in our expressions of thought.

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