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Bachelor of Science

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Biological Sciences, Division of


Biology – Human Biological Sciences

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Dr. John Quindry

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Health and Human Performance


Healthy heart, cardiovascular fitness, CVD, aerobic fitness, exercise, VO2

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Diseases | Public Health


The Healthy Heart program has been offering fitness testing, cardiovascular and chronic disease testing and education, and clinical experience for students in the course KIN483: Exercise, Disease, and Aging for a number of years. The program offers an important service to the Missoula community by providing each participant with accurate health indicators and results, such as ECG (heart) rhythms, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength measures, body composition, and peripheral artery disease screening. The program gives students experience learning practical skills by performing a 2-hour exercise testing session, communicating with a community member, analyzing testing data, and compiling then discussing results. This project resulted in a packet of fitness assessment results, cardiovascular risk factors, and exercise prescriptions to improve and/or maintain health for the participant’s use and records. It is of critical importance to educate the public on their individual health risks and how to take practical measures through exercise and other evidence-based interventions to ameliorate those risks and live longer, healthier, happier lives.

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