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Computer Science



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Computer Science

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Jesse Johnson


Fire, Terrain, Effects, Relationship

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Computer Sciences | Environmental Sciences


Abstract - Wild fires have become an annual concern in the United States, and despite the vast amount of resources and manpower used to combat the spread of wild fires, the success rate tends to vary. With this in mind, a research project has commenced which is primarily aimed at discovering the relationship between environmental factors and wild fire growth, or lack of growth. This research analyzes data available in the Google Earth Engine and includes geographical features such as roads, elevation, and other factors like humidity and wind. Using Google Earth Engine programs, the goal is to establish meaningful relationships between a fire’s growth and various environmental elements. The investigation will be largely focused on individual fires as a means to establish a correlation between the environmental factors and the development of wild fires. It is conceivable that a closer look at these different relationships will increase the understanding of how these factors can influence wild fires, and consequentially, lead to the use of improved strategies that will result in potentially higher success in the combating of future wild fires.

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