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Bachelor of Science – Health and Human Performance

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Health and Human Performance


Health and Human Performance – Exercise Science

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Health and Human Performance

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Molly Blair


physical therapy, spinal cord injury, video, documentary

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Physical Therapy


Throughout the fall of 2019, I have created a documentary in partnership with the New Directions gym on campus of University of Montana. This is a specific location for patients currently undergoing treatment at the University's physical therapy clinic to perform their prescribed exercise in an assisted and supervised manner. Because the clinic is one of the only ones in the area that focuses with an emphasis on nervous system ailments - strokes, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, amputations, etc. - the patients there typically have something in that list. The patients’ difficulties, although surely difficult, are not overshadowed by their motivation and will to continue and improve with every visit. Specifically speaking, my project focuses on the impact that spinal cord injuries may have on an individual, and I have worked closely with a cast of both patients and physical therapists to help create it. I have interviewed the patients on camera, asking them to share their stories to a broad audience, and have followed up with the physical therapists to demonstrate how effective rehabilitation can be when people are diagnosed with the complicated condition of a spinal cord injury. This project will serve a dual purpose: allow me to creatively produce a research-oriented and thoughtful visual piece while simultaneously learning more about my future career, physical therapy. The primary external purpose, adding on to that, is that people in the general public will then become more aware of the vulnerability, strength, and persistence of people living with such a condition.

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