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Bachelor of Arts

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Communicative Sciences and Disorders


Communicative Sciences and Disorders

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Communicative Sciences and Disorders

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Dr. Ginger Collins


speech pathology, interprofessional practice, elementary, SLP

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Communication Sciences and Disorders | Disability and Equity in Education | Early Childhood Education | Education | Special Education and Teaching | Speech and Hearing Science | Speech Pathology and Audiology


Background: School-based speech language pathologists (SLPs) are increasing collaborative engagement with educators and other professionals in school settings. Collaborative practice in the general education classroom increased student’s awareness of literacy concepts. The push-in model of service delivery reached students with varied levels of literacy understanding. There is insufficient empirical evidence regarding school-based interprofessional practice (IPP) available to clinicians. Systemic reviews provide a model for educators and SLPs to follow; many professionals hesitate to engage in IPP because there is a deficiency in evidence of success.

Aims: Investigation of the necessary components for successful IPP and the impacts of collaboration on an array of student abilities is explored in this literature review.

Contributions: IPP leading to improved literacy comprehension across a range of students was reported through various systematic reviews.

Conclusion: Initiating and implementing IPP increases literacy education in the general education classroom and reduces the number of students needing literacy assistance in approaching years. Student’s improved understanding of literacy concepts leads to success in reading, writing, spelling, and communicating. If SLP-teacher collaborative instruction becomes common practice, implications could include improved literacy skills across a spectrum of students and educators efficiently teaching literacy objectives without SLP assistance.

Keywords: collaborative, interprofessional practice (IPP), speech-language pathology, response to intervention (RTI), literacy, push-in model

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