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Professional Paper

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Bachelor of Science

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Peter McDonough

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Peter McDonough


G.L.I., high-performance homes, green housing, green living, sustainable lifestyle, energy efficient

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Environmental Design | Environmental Education | Other Business | Other History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Real Estate | Sustainability


While the green building movement is common practice in the commercial realm, it is not yet widely popular with residential buildings. We considered the question “How can residents of western Montana adopt eco-friendly housing practices that are locally appropriate and relevant?” There is an opportunity to increase green living practices among renters and homeowners in western Montana through retrofitting, gardening, composting, and similar behaviors. By considering climatic factors relevant to the region, suggestions for relevant eco-friendly practices can be made available to homeowners and renters alike. We will research green living practices used in other countries with similar climatic factors as western Montana. We will then make a website to help streamline locally relevant information catered to help residents take action towards their sustainability goals. We will survey a sample of residents throughout western Montana to inform the materials provided on the website. For example, these materials may include, but are not limited to, sustainability project demonstration videos, links to local builders, history, blogs, global initiatives, and links to other resources. We expect this website to be relevant and increase accessibility to western Montana renters and homeowners.

Honors College Research Project


GLI Capstone Project




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