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Bachelor of Arts

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Political Science


Political Science – Public Administration

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Environmental Studies

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Peter McDonough


migration, displacement, climate change, sea level rise


The issue of migration is already a contentious issue in today’s political environment. Moving into the future, displacements of large numbers of people will continue to increase in both frequency and magnitude. One of the largest driving factors of future migrations will be anthropogenic climate change. This paper mainly focuses on sea level rise and the potential impacts changing oceans will inflict on coastal communities. Given projections of sea level rise and current coastal populations the potential for unprecedented levels of displacement is enormous. As such, there is a need for creative solutions that will aid in preventing, mitigating, and accepting future climate migrants. The approach advocated for in this paper will be three-pronged. First, add environmental displacements into the UNHCR definition of a refugee. Second, prevent and mitigate future displacements, now, by investing into infrastructure and renewable technologies. Last, implement a refugee trading scheme to equitably distribute the load on developed nations for taking in refugees once they are displaced.

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