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Bachelor of Science

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Business School



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Business School

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Amy Minto, Ph.D.


Business, Spotify, strategic analysis

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Accounting | Business | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Corporate Finance | Strategic Management Policy


Spotify is a worldwide music and podcast streaming company. Spotify has the most active users of any audio streaming company in the world and is a key competitor in a growing industry. It is important to evaluate the external environment and internal forces that impact Spotify’s strategic decision-making to identify opportunities and threats that could change the audio streaming landscape. Drawing on industry research, company financial statements, and media reports, this paper analyzes the external and internal environment of Spotify to identify a strategic recommendation for the company going forward. I analyze different business frameworks to evaluate the competitive landscape and current resources available to Spotify. This analysis provides the basis of my recommendation for Spotify to create its own original content in the music industry to differentiate itself from competitors and lower its cost structure in an effort to reach profitability. This paper encourages Spotify to evaluate the strategic potential and financial viability of creating original music content to establish itself as the leader of the audio streaming industry.

Honors College Research Project


GLI Capstone Project




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