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Bachelor of Science – Forestry

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Resource Conservation


Resource Conservation

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John Lund

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John Lund, Vicki Watson


open land, riverfront access, undeveloped, wildlife, fish, recreation

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Environmental Policy | Environmental Studies | Public Affairs | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration


South of Great Falls, Montana, adjacent to the city lies a 72-acre undeveloped parcel of state school trust land. For decades, this land has been used by the community for recreation including mountain biking, dog walking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these recreational values were especially pertinent as city attractions such as bars, restaurants, and other entertainment were shuttered or suffered from greatly reduced capacity. The community, while aware of this treasure, became especially attached as it served as a refuge from the throes of the modern world. When the Fox Farm neighborhood learned of the State’s plans to sell or lease the property, they bound together to fight the development of the ever-shrinking amount of undeveloped riverfront ecosystem which exists along the Missouri River.

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