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Management Information Systems

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Business School

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David Firth

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Business | Management Information Systems | Technology and Innovation


As housing prices continue to increase rapidly in Missoula, it is more important than ever for community members to be aware of the resources available to them that support access to affordable housing. I have partnered with the City of Missoula to research and design a new webpage for the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The Affordable Housing Trust Fund was adopted in July of 2020 and aims to provide housing developers and nonprofit organizations funding with the goal of creating new, affordable housing options for Missoulians. The new webpage for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund will expand community knowledge of the fund and increase accessibility to funds by featuring easy application and donation processes. I will work closely with the sponsor (the City of Missoula) to understand their goals and objectives for the project and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. I’ll gather content and data from the sponsor, as well as do my own research on the fund and its stakeholders to develop requirements for the new page. Additionally, I may have the opportunity to work with an outside consultant that was hired by the sponsor to analyze and improve their citywide website. After organizing the requirements, I’ll assemble them into a prototype for a new webpage to be passed off to the sponsor for implementation. As technology continues to become more prevalent in business and society, it is crucial for organizations to have a strong virtual presence. The demand for those that understand business processes and goals and can translate them into working technology is high and is underlined by the growing need for consultants. By acting as an individual consultant for the City of Missoula I will not only help them achieve their organizational goals, but also contribute to the wellbeing of our community by helping more Missoulians create and find the affordable homes they deserve.

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