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Bachelor of Arts

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Anthropology – Medical Anthropology

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Dr. Holly Riley


pole dance, religion, creative analytic practice, autoethnography, screenplay

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Dance | Other Religion | Screenwriting | Social and Cultural Anthropology


This is a research-informed screenplay exploring the relationship between religion and recreational pole dancing. While the popularity of recreational pole dancing has grown over the last two decades, it remains a controversial topic in some circles. This study employed interviews, autoethnography, and a literature review to examine the tensions between pole dancing and religion. Creative Analytic Practice was employed as a method of evaluating and presenting the research, which culminated in a fictional screenplay.

The story is about Louise, a young woman caught between two worlds. She feels pressured to conceal her recreational pole dancing activities in order to retain her job and her reputation among her family and the church community. As time goes on she’s finding it increasingly difficult to manage this double life. This story reflects many of the conflicting themes found in the literature on pole dancing, as well as experiences shared by interviewees and my own personal conflicts and tensions surrounding pole dancing. This study contributes to a niche topic in the broader academic research on pole dancing.

Honors College Research Project


GLI Capstone Project




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