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This analysis explores a specific program utilized in the rental car industry known as the Service Quality Index (SQI). The SQI is a program for gathering customer feedback about their satisfaction with the rental car services and likelihood of utilizing the services again in the future. By employing this method, a rental car company can obtain valuable and reliable customer data. This paper focuses on the implementation of the SQI program within Enterprise Rent-A-Car (a division of Enterprise Holdings). The analysis examines both the benefits and drawbacks associated with SQI programs in the rental car industry by drawing on research and anecdotal evidence. For instance, these programs have been found to enhance staff performance, increase customer satisfaction, and provide prompt feedback for identifying areas of improvement. Additionally, SQI programs can confer a competitive advantage by offering superior customer service compared to other rental car companies. On the other hand, challenges exist within SQI programs. One key concern revolves around the potential loss of revenue due to the need to waive additional fees, such as gas refueling, late returns, and pet/cigarette detailing fees, to maintain customer satisfaction. Furthermore, finding personnel capable of meeting the high-performance expectations of customer-centric companies, like Enterprise, can be a daunting task. Lastly, SQI programs relying on text or email responses may encounter issues with response bias, compromising the reliability of the collected data.

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