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Creative Writing Program

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Chris Dombrowski


nonfiction, ski, personal essay, women, return

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This capstone project is a collection of nonfiction essays that work in collaboration to provide a profile of place. The place of focus is White Pass, the mountain the author has grown up on and experienced for the last twenty-one years. This collection is made up of essays that explore her physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to the land and community of White Pass, while also examining themes of family and identity. Each essay gives a different perspective in regards to the setting. The ultimate purpose of this project is to navigate the complexities of White Pass in regards to several aspects: climate change, family, childhood memory, sport, and community. This collection is one of appreciation, love, loss, and reclamation. It not only depicts the experiences of a girl raised in the mountains, but of a girl who witnessed great change; of a girl who questioned her small world, and, in the end, of a young woman who views her home in a new light. These are stories of returning, and of finding home, even if the journey takes you far from where you initially planned.

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