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Dr. Bambi Douma

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The purpose of this research was to collect tangible evidence on consumer demand for a nut butter product to use in conjunction with business decisions for a local start-up company in Missoula, Montana. Original data was collected through an online survey utilizing the online platform Qualtrics. the survey was distributed and shared through social media by different users to gain a large range of participants.

175 participants responded to this survey that identified with the target market of the business. Respondents indicated that they felt it was important to eat healthy, frequently consumed nut butter products and made a conscious effort to buy a local product. Additionally, results of this research indicated that there was consumer demand to purchase an eight ounce jar of a nut butter product. Results also indicated that consumer preference for the price of an eight ounce jar of nut butter was skewed towards a lower price of fewer than seven dollars per container.

Results of this market research will be used to better make important decisions regarding packaging and price of a nut butter product for a local start-up company.

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