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Bachelor of Arts

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Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies

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Kennedy-Anne Marx


Climate Change, Education, Outdoor Education

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Educational Methods


Climate change is leading to an increase in mental health impacts of anxiety, grief, and depression on young people, with many feeling it affects their daily life and functioning. Because of the direct and existential threat that climate change poses to youth, it is essential that educators provide opportunities for students to be informed and empowered through tools to cope with mental health impacts as well as tools for action. Outdoor education can provide the space for educators to engage with climate change discussion and an empowering structure for students to engage with nature, develop problem-solving skills, and strengthen their communities. Because of the structure and tools provided by outdoor education, as well as my experience planning and guiding trips, I decided to develop a weeklong climate change curriculum for a backpacking trip on the Big Island of Hawai’i. This trip aimed to engage students with climate discussions while teaching outdoor skills. The trip included many opportunities for engaging in climate discussions, practicing outdoor education skills as well as spending time connecting outside. Throughout this research and development of climate change curriculum, I have learned more about how educators can utilize outdoor education and experiences as a resource, and it is essential we continue to learn more about how to teach climate change in an effective way as educators are on the frontline of helping students become informed citizens that feel empowered and safe in the world.

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