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Andy Josten


mentor, mentee, DHC, cohesion, support

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Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study is to gather data to inform educators and peer mentors what students tend to value and highlight their experiences which can be then applied to further program development. Though a small sample size is used, the information collected can be applied to various contexts that require cohesion and designated mentor roles. This analytical study can be deconstructed into four parts: Introduction to Honors, the Schwanke Honors Institute, the Davidson Honors College (DHC) Peer Mentorship Program, and the collective analysis of how all three subsections are critical to informing program development of this nature. In total, 97 participants responded to the survey; 58 responses were from current Introduction to Honors students and Learning Assistants, 19 were from Schwanke Honors Institute Resident Program Assistants and student participants, and 17 were from the DHC Peer Mentorship Program. Participants were notified of this study through their preferred email account. The Qualtrics platform was used to collect the data and assist with analysis and deconstruction of the results. In conclusion, it was determined that the DHC is effective in employing programs that foster positive group cohesion and mentorship support.

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