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Peter McDonough


Eco-emotions, eco-grief, eco-anxiety

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Other Mental and Social Health


"Coping with Eco-Emotions” was an initiative aimed at tackling the growing challenges of emotional distress brought about by the impacts of climate change, specifically eco-grief and eco-anxiety. Despite the complex and widespread nature of the issue and the limited training of the group in the field of mental health, the goal was to raise awareness about eco-emotions and provide a supportive space for individuals to process their feelings related to the climate crisis. Through hosting a week-long series of events, each tailored to a different strategy for addressing eco-emotions, the project aimed to create a platform for individuals at the University of Montana to explore various coping methods, share experiences, and foster a sense of community amongst participants. These events included an interactive poster walk on UM’s oval, a discussion and creative exercise with a climate grief specialist, a meditation session tailored to calm anxiety surrounding the state of the environment, an action project to allow participants to join the solution to climate change, and more. The group's role was to support individuals and communities in their efforts to cope with eco-emotions, serving as a catalyst for larger efforts to address this pressing issue.

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