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GLI Capstone Project

Children with disabilities face more considerable difficulties getting into outdoor recreation compared to their peers due to a variety of barriers, whether they be institutional, social, or physical limitations. Though these children face more challenges with outdoor recreation, it remains vital to child development and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our group has decided to address this issue via a compilation of accessibility resources; organizations are already doing the footwork for inclusion, and our website will enable families to seek these resources on one consolidated platform. The organizations we are planning on working with are the Child Development Center, Missoula Circle of Parents, Community Children’s, Special Education Program, The Arc, Aware Program, MonTECH, and Wheels Across Montana. By conducting interviews with these organizations, our research on what methods best integrate children with disabilities into these spheres will be published on our website. Our website's stewardship and long-term legacy will be passed onto these partner organizations, so they have a platform to promote the community support they provide in the future. By spreading awareness of what is available in Missoula, our group hopes not only that families living with disabilities will utilize this information, but also that we can promote advocacy amongst the entire community for disabled outdoor recreation. Outdoor recreation accessibility should not be limited to those without disabilities; the outdoors are a space for everyone.

Honors College Research Project


GLI Capstone Project




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