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Bachelor of Science

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Business School



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Business School

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Theresa Floyd


human resources, analysis, Boeing, business

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Human Resources Management


The study presented has analyzed Boeing, an aircraft manufacturing company, and its issues as a company through a human resources based standpoint, and thus providing human resources based solutions. Issues that have been identified include a toxic workplace, union difficulties, lack of quality, and more that have caused additional sub-issues as well. These various problems have been identified to stem from human resources practices, and it is suggested that Boeing address these issues through human resources. They may reevaluate their hiring and onboarding process to focus on strong ethics and valuing safety in their operations. It is crucial for Boeing to value their employees as well, and they may want to reevaluate compensation for assembly line workers/maintenance technicians. Overall, it is clear that Boeing’s issues have caused them to be in a state of crisis, and by focusing on addressing their human resources practices, they may be able to pull away from this crisis and find a solution for their number of issues.

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GLI Capstone Project




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