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Professional Paper

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Bachelor of Science

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Forestry and Conservation


Wildlife Biology – Terrestrial

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Environmental Studies

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Brittany Palmer


Mutual aid, food justice, Missoula, workshops

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Environmental Studies | Food Studies


Food waste and insecurity are two of the most pressing issues of our time. We, as a planet, produce more food than necessary-- enough to feed the entire global population and then some. Yet, millions of people still struggle to find reliable access to food due to inefficient distribution within our global systems. As people face the incredible struggle of starvation and malnourishment produced, in part, by these global systems, they often are forced to notice the lack of meaningful support from within their communities, separating those in need from those that could help. Food waste and community resilience are deeply interconnected issues with acute local impacts as well as strong ties to global systems. To establish a comprehensive understanding of this relationship and its significance for people in our own community, we hosted three workshops focusing on culture and place-based relationships with food, minimizing individual food waste, and urban gardening. Through these workshops we examined the local context of food waste and the relationship between food waste and community resilience, and connected mutual aid organizations through Missoula to strengthen the resiliency of our community.

Honors College Research Project


GLI Capstone Project




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