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QUEST (Questions for Undergraduates Exploring Social Topics) represents a dynamic collaboration between the University of Montana's esteemed Davidson Honors College (DHC) and a valued community partner. Originating in 2017 from the visionary initiative of two dedicated DHC students, this innovative program was conceived to foster interdisciplinary exploration with real-world impact.

In the heart of Missoula, QUEST empowers student teams to embark on a transformative journey of research, design, and advocacy, tackling pressing, cross-disciplinary challenges facing our community. Guided by the rigors of two semesters of intensive study (HONR 495), participants delve deep into their chosen topics, forging comprehensive solutions that they present before a distinguished panel of academic and community leaders.

Now, as the Davidson Honors College concludes its seven-year evaluation of the QUEST program, we embark on a mission to refine and enhance the student experience. Drawing insights from reflections shared by past participants, comprehensive survey data, and invaluable input from our community partners, we endeavor to evolve the course materials, objectives, structure, and scheduling to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness.

This presentation serves as a blueprint for the future, outlining how our refined approach will elevate student learning and engagement. It is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and our unwavering dedication to preparing the next generation of leaders to confront the complex challenges of our time.

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